it is important how to happen - About ministreings from Mark 2-4

About ministreings from Mark 2-4

it is important how to happen

it is came to time to meeting about narrow term

70人定員会のChi Hong Wong 長老は以下の様に言っています。

it is possible for four people to figure out how to allow a man with palsy to be in the presence of Jesus.


it is might happen like this.

the four man were assigned to help this man, When they arrived at the building where Jesus was.
the room was to crowd.

they cloud’t get enough the door.

it is important times. they need to meet Jesus for helping.
Bud they can’t go him to near.

Communicate to Solve Challenges

it is important how to happen,
it is important that don’t destroy to your roof and bishop roof in lives.

when it is trouble to coming member for ministering.
it is communicate to important about narrow term.

using SNS and phone skype an so on.

indeed after story new testimony  Mark4-9 (律法学者に)中風の者に、あなたの罪は許された。というのと、起きよ 床を取り上げて歩くというのと どちらがたやすいのか?

it is caution to notice we are’t say simple.

LINK: from guide to mormon [自立の原則 現在と将来にわたる物質的また霊的な安定]

this is point what happen to do

1 point, we need to come back to liahona and to read each other.
2 point, we need to reading about Joseph Smisth’s wrote script.

cause a litele different our script from to see new testimony.
When we live providently, we can provide for ourselves and our families and also follow the Savior’s example to serve and bless others. from M・ラッセル・バラード

about Mormon except other new Christian.

it is important how to happen we notice and doubt mystery saying something is no good around in law and ordinary feeling.

現在と将来にわたる物質的また霊的な安定 は 継続的な物質の上に存在するものなのですね。

link a relation article:Minstering Principles About their needs

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