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Counseling with Individuals and Families

How and when we approach the individuals and families we are called to serve

what serve may vary depending the circumstances , but counseling directly with the individual or family is essential for building relationships and understanding their needs, including how they want to be helped .
Some questions may need to wait until a meaningful relationship has developed. While there’s no one right way to do that , consider the following.

Find out how and when they prefer to be contacted.

Learn about their interests and background

Come with suggestions for how you could help , and ask for their suggestions.

As we build trust , consider discussing individual or family needs, ask questions prompted by the Holy Ghost.
For example.

What are the challenges they face?

what are their family or individual goals?

for exsample , do they want to be better at holding regular family home evening or be moreself reliant.

How can we help them with their goals and challenges?

What gospels ordinances are coming up in their lives? How can we help them prepare?

Remember to offer specific help , such as ,”Which night can we bring a meal to you this week?”
A vagure offer ,like, “Let’s us know if there’s anything we can do”is not very helpful.

it is important thing . vagure like is important.

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