We knew if we trusted God ….

Even if I have a good meek ,now my kindly sister says that sorry i used your payed money.cause my uncles doctor’s bill.so,it is I always permission . this time is very correctly.but that money has to pay baggage custom duty.and i seem to her, please say everyone how to borrow money for baggage to receive.it is right. may be
“We knew if we trusted god and did our best,He would help us.”
may be it is . the baggage for missionary tool camera and Japanese-English study books.and some food.that baggage is arrived July or August in Philippines,I m always question to her that Why and When do you go post office?she says I’m busy.but a now she says honest.and I say her honest it is no good to help other one. cause i and her like a family.but may be Meek is always lead us good sense.
but it is no good to have hard sense. i think need a testimony so that we need to study script how to do running out every event. go to hospital ,go to school,pay to insurance.

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